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Year 2009 has come to an end. Are world leaders satisfied with their performance?

I for one am not. This year ending obliges me to reflect how decided leaders would have availed of all those caucuses to reach substantial agreements to resolutely face up the challenges of the financial & economic crisis.

One cannot put all the blame on just one leader, as all have had a say in all the summits. Three such meetings were of economic nature but the last one where our leaders deserve the most reproach for was Copenhagen.

And in this summit, President Obama, in my opinion, did not live up to expectations. Moreover, he has probably eased the path for China’s ever-growing influence on world politics and economics. I have asked myself why the EU bloc silently towed the line instead of refusing to sign the ridiculous declaration that was more a farce than an honest attempt to keep hopes alive.

The problem will grow precisely in the Year of the Tiger, 2010, when the Asian Tiger, China, will apply further pressure on the USA. One must not forget that China holds U.S. Treasury Bonds that will come due in the following years. Will the American economy have reached a point of recovery so as to guarantee liquidity to pay up?

The Obama Administration must meditate each step it takes from here onward. The European Union may not always be around to pick up the pieces of Chinese broken promises. Choosing allies is an ability of those statesmen who know how to think big when facing challenges.

The main issues to be resolved need a highly democratic sense where China would definitely fail to qualify in. Likewise, Russia’s Putin may complicate renewal of the nuclear arms agreement with the USA.

How big will Obama and his generation of democratic world leaders be in 2010?

Fernando Fuster-Fabra, Madrid



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