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Born in Manila, Philippines Islands, bred across several continents and actually residing in Barcelona, Spain, my professional role as an industrial engineer dedicated to project management and consultancy all over the world has developed in me a keen interest and deep respect for other cultures, beliefs and traditions; the base of a shared effort towards progress & sustainable development in an atmosphere of understanding, mutual respect and peace.

My work has permitted me to observe human behaviour, their communication habits and their reasons for living competitively in any environ. Thus, I have engaged myself in compiling conclusions in several books on talent potential, emotional intelligence and neurological expresion of feelings in everyday life.


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  1. Dear Fernando:
    You have not read my comment carefully. My only criticism, which you do not reply to, is that you do not say anything constructive in either posting; just personal disqualifications based on the past at a time where the world needs construction. Bringing problems and solutions seems more constructive than disqualifications

    I accept that you distribute your censure to women and men, and that it is a coincidence that you have applied your negative comments to two women in the two articles of yours I have read. But your comments about Ana Palacio have offended me and reveal absolute ignorance about her.

    Nevertheless I have subscribed to your blog and I will read all your postings with interest. Perhaps if you come to madrid or I go to Barcelona we can meet and exchange views and experiences. Best regards

    Diego Hidalgo

    Comment by Diego Hidalgo — February 12, 2012 @ 11:53 am

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