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May 16, 2014
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Hoy, el primer domingo de mayo se reserv

May 4, 2014
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Hoy, el primer domingo de mayo se reserva para el homenaje a las madres ….. Justo pero incompleto el evento si no se piensa que al que hay que homenajear es a la MUJER.

En pleno siglo XXI, calma al cielo que la MUJER no esté igualada en derechos al hombre …..

Cierto que se ha avanzado mucho desde aquellas épocas dónde la MUJER era considerada algo más que un valor doméstico para el bienestar de cónyuge e hijos. Sin embargo, en 2014 sigue cobrando sueldos inferiores, se cuestiona su posicionamiento en puestos relevantes en la empresa y hasta dudo que España estuviese preparada para tener una MUJER como Presidenta de Gobierno.

Para frotar más sal sobre la herida, ejerce de ministro un hombre retrógrada que hace un par de lustros encadilaba a no pocas mujeres para poder encaramarse a lo más alto de la escalera del poder político. Hoy, ese mismo personaje aboga por restarle derechos principales e inalienables de la MUJER ….. la elección de ser MADRE o no.

¿Es una MUJER menos MUJER por qué no llegase a ser MADRE?

En mi humilde opinión, no.

La MUJER ya se ha ganado mi respeto porque de una MUJER he nacido y de unas MUJERES he aprendido a amar.

Fernando Fuster-Fabra Fernández http://ow.ly/wssgN

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Cuando escribí estas palabras en un semi

May 4, 2014
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Cuando escribí estas palabras en un seminario sobre liderazgo, “Es que no soy ni quiero ser igual a nadie …. Quiero poder ser yo al lado de otro que tiene el mismo derecho …”, en realidad enviaba un mensaje muy importante que algunos de los asistentes ni siquiera percibieron.

Estaba hablando de un serio problema en distintos entornos sociales del mundo actual – la discriminación.

Existen algunos tipos de discriminación de las cuales se hacen eco en la medios de comunicación porque venden periódicos y elevan los ranking de los programas televisados. Sin embargo, se obvian tantas y tantas violaciones de los derechos de las personas con la discriminación en parcelas igualmente parte de la Declaración de Derechos Humanos de las Naciones Unidas.

¿Cuántos de nosotros se ha tomado la molestia de leernos dicha declaración y los derechos a los que se refiere?

¿Cuántos estados supuestamente democráticos están violando a diario los derechos de sus ciudadanos y de las personas que moran en sus territorios?

Tristemente, países que dicen ser portadores de la antorcha de la libertad son tan grandes incumplidores de los principios fundamentales de los Derechos Humanos como grandes discriminadores de aquellos que están en minoría, por el motivo que sea – por raza, cultural, religioso, ideológico, sexual, y por qué no por ser pobres.

Todo ello constituye una DISCRIMINACIÓN. ¡Luchemos contra ello!

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RT @REWorld “The Time for Wind and Sola

May 1, 2014
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RT @REWorld “The Time for Wind and Solar Energy Is Now   #renewableenergy” http://ow.ly/wnc3z

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RT @TheEconomist “Researchers turn a 13

May 1, 2014
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RT @TheEconomist “Researchers turn a 13th-century theory on the universe’s origins into modern maths and discover a medieval multiverse  ” http://ow.ly/wn1pK

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December 31, 2012
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World leaders


“Others judge us by our past deeds, we value ourselves on what we are capable of achieving, but it seems no one bothers to evaluate what we are doing here and now.

–       Fernando Fuster-Fabra Fdz.


Spanish version: http://wp.me/pRlnf-7C


Year 2012 could have been the turning point for the crisis but it has ended being the consolidation of a disastrous style of world governance.


The replacement amongst elected and appointed posts in the countries relevant in planning global economy have barely contributed to substantial changes in the governance criteria.


A Barack Obama who defaulted on several of his electoral promises during his first term of office ended being reelected whilst the diplomatic incursions of his nation continued leaving dead in the streets of the Middle East. Today, he is still engaged in a tug-of-war with his political adversaries on the brink of the ‘fiscal cliff’, with the worldwide risks same represents for all other state economies.


The succession in China has not deterred the tight-fisted censorship that citizens suffer in their path towards global communications thru the new technologies. While they boast of bullet trains, they restrain human rights.


European leaders are incapable of reaching an agreement on how to manage a crisis baptized with a name (Euro Crisis) that has little to do with the real situation.  I will not even bother to list down their individual weaknesses as it would turn out to be a never-ending string.


Latin America continues being a keg of gunpowder about to vlast depending on who has the lit match in his hand. To mention the extremes, these swing from the inflation down south to the northern assassinations in the hands of the drug mafias.


India bears the burden of its most negative traditions, unable to avail of the opportunity of the moment. Corruption, as in many other parts, contaminates the atmosphere just as much its outdated transport system.


Russia hardly will ever be a true democracy while people like Putin desire to perpetuate themselves in power. The shadow of the Kremlin hovers like a vulture over its former domains.


Japan has just elected a new prime minister of the old school in the hope of salvaging their stagnant economy just as it faces a territorial dispute with neighbouring China over a handful of islands in the China Sea. 


The sad truth is that 2012 has been a year wasted by a bunch of leaders who not only did not fulfill but also lied, some rather shamelessly.


Who are the ones that control them and who are the true governors of the world?


Fernando Fuster-Fabra

Sitges – Barcelona, Spain    

Draghi ve “dolorosos progresos” y pide a Rajoy que siga con las reformas

December 17, 2012
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Post by Fernando Fuster-Fabra:

Tengo la vista cansada pero aun veo cosas que éstos con más visibilidad se niegan a ver o simplemente no tienen capacidad de ver. …. ¿Quién es el bobo que se puede creer que las cosas están mejor hoy en España que ayer? …. Un poco de seriedad, Sr. Draghi.

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December 8, 2012
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Tifón y muerte Filipinas

If you are incapable of admitting the problem, how do you expect to solve it?

–       Fernando Fuster-Fabra Fdz.

Spanish version: http://wp.me/pRlnf-7n

Every state has the right to defend its own interests but no single nation may exercise such right when it puts in peril the rights of all humanity. Such was the situation as talks drew to a close yesterday at the Climate Change Conference in Doha.


In December, 2010, I wrote: “Climate change? Who cares? …” https://fernandofusterfabra.wordpress.com/2010/12/18/kyoto-countdown-after-cancun/ just after the closure of the Cancun sessions that ended in a similar fiasco. Since then, 2 years have elapsed and world leaders have been incapable of reaching any agreement.

Typhoon Bopha, 2012

Typhoon Bopha, 2012

Meanwhile, the economic scene has worsened amongst those developed countries and/or zones that seem bent on blocking any solution to the dilemma of undeniable climate change all over the globe.


I again ask myself – Has the economic crisis anything to do with the powerful refusing to resolve the climate issue for their selfish benefit?


It brings us to the reflexion that the United Nations, as a body, is powerless before said superpowers in almost any issue these may veto. The result at the Doha event is the best proof of the U.N.’s uselessness at this time and date.


One problem after another in whatever sphere of action remains unresolved. Could it be that we are working with a wrong approach in our climate change problem-solving?


Fernando Fuster-Fabra

Barcelona, Spain    



November 4, 2012
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The Ugly Americans


Ever since the Burdick & Lederer’s novel, The Ugly American, was published in 1958, American candidates to the White House and incumbent Presidents have had a chance to face numerous international problems as leaders who have to assume responsibilities attributed the world’s most powerful nation.


Nevertheless, time and time again, one President after another has committed quite a number of errors that have led to what the USA is today.


On the verge of next Tuesday’s presidential elections, incumbent President Obama and his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, have demonstrated that Americans have not wagged away the then Asian foreign vision of “the ugly American”.


On the contrary, today, American leaders are seen as “ugly” in continents other than Asia. In the last half century, one after another, the U.S. Presidents have blundered in international affairs in Vietnam & Cambodia, in the Caribbean, in the Middle East, in Africa and in Central & South America.


From Kennedy to Obama, all White House tenants have had their Achilles heel. Some succumbed to the temptation of playing God and ended causing civil wars or local ethnic cleansing.


At the crossroads of American supremacy, President Obama has not only failed to live up to expectations and to a moral commitment after being awarded the Nobel Prize in 2009, but also has selfishly closed himself into what he sensed was to be a battle for his continuance as President of the United States of America. He has, in many ways, taken as his own the very habits of what was described in the novel as “the ugly American”.


Regretfully, his adversary is no better off. Mitt Romney considers he is a self-made man who has amassed a fortune with his talents. Nevertheless, if he would look back, I’m sure he will have to admit to himself that he isn’t all that respectable a citizen as he wants to make voters believe. He too is “an ugly American” in the eyes of any foreign beholder.


At this stage of the 21st century with new technologies making communications go global with a click, U.S. leaders have seemed to remain stagnant in their 20th century ways of government and diplomacy; precisely those very same manners that worried John F. Kennedy when the novel was first published.


Neither Obama nor Romney gets even solid approval from their European allies. I feel, much less would they get it from the Muslim states that their policies have led into an irreversible permanent war.


The issue is that none of them have learned from their errors but worst still is that there being an opportunity to be once again the best, both Obama & Romney have decided to just make it to the White House next balloting day.


Who is the “uglier American” of the two?



Fernando Fuster-Fabra

Barcelona, Spain    






May 20, 2012
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Strolling together down the wrong path?

The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change everything  

 – or nothing.


–       Nancy Astor


On April 19, 2009 I published my first post in my English WordPress.com blog http://wp.me/pv6EY-1  among others things stating:

“As it stands today, European Union leaders seek proof that America has the willpower to continue occupying world supremacy in more than military alliances such as 60-year old NATO or world organisms as the United Nations, the IMF or the World Bank. In effect, there is a rather increasing incredulity emanating from the inefficiency of said organisations in bringing about peace and prosperity to all Mankind in this New Millennium.”

These very words are valid today. President Obama is more worried in ensuring his re-election than facing the hard facts of what has been dubbed as “the 21st. century depression”. After various G-8 summits, the last one at Camp David with Obama as host and the NATO Conference today in Chicago, world leaders will have met firstly wanting to change everything to finally end up doing nothing.

What’s the name of their game?

G-8 summits have lost their sense of being whilst the G-20 version has not even gotten a chance of being somewhat effective.

In Europe, the French-German axis that germinated in the Merkozy Connivance of Deauville is no more. France has elected a new socialist President in the person of Francoise Hollande and his strategy at these meets is yet to be seen. In the USA, no stand will be taken before the Obama-Romney presidential bout is over. Meanwhile the world is not at a standstill and the financial sharks are making one killing after another. The crisis goes on and quality of living where there was is eroding.

Then we have the military pulse at the NATO summit where issues will likewise remain unresolved due to the US-Pakistan estrangement.

As a new business week starts off tomorrow, the stock exchange markets will again speculate round and about the doubtful rating reports of the biased agencies and the partial media. The powerful shall become even richer and more dominant whilst the impoverished will have to find consolation on a daily wage of a couple of dollars.

In no way has deserved the Nobel Prize he was awarded just as in no way have today’s world leaders demonstrated that they have merits to manage the destiny of Mankind.

Honestly, I suspect that none of them, not even the all-powerful President of the United States governs in the name of democracy and for the people. I suspect they are mere puppets with their strings attached to vested interests in this sad vaudeville of the New Millennium.

Fernando Fuster-Fabra



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